old boyfriends

I have an interesting array of guys I've dated in years past.

One can be found HERE. Here's ANOTHER. And one who REALLY BROKE MY HEART, but with whom I had one truly, madly excellent summer. And here's one who happens to be ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS.

I just found out today that the guy I dated for about 6 months when I was a junior in college is probably going to be THE NEXT CHAIR OF THE TN DEMOCRATIC PARTY


Anonymous said...

I am very offended that I was not included in this list, Kate.

Mark B.

Anonymous said...

Yes but the one you have now is by far the best. He's adorable from the photos.

Anonymous said...

KAG, I have not yet totally figured out why you annoy me to the Nth degree, but this post could serve as an example. Maybe you should pay a little attention to your new husband instead of your ex-boy friends.

Anonymous said...

Anon, why in the world do you read her blog if she annoys you so. Life is too short.

And katie, I loves yer blog. You're the gal I wish I'd married.


Anonymous said...

I am not the same anonymous but yeah, this made me uncomfortable. is she such an attention hound she has to do this? maybe its this sort of shit that drove her first husband into the arms of other women? and I wonder how some of these guys feel about being linked like this, esp the ones that may not have ended on the best of terms? but thats Katie, no respect for anyone elses privacy in the name of her own narcissism.