very sad news

Like lots of people all over Tennessee (and really, across the country), I've been following the story of a really cool 29 year old Oak Ridge wife and mother of two young children. She suddenly became ill with flu-like symptoms about 2 weeks ago and was admitted to the hospital, where she quickly fell into a coma. Her husband has been keeping a blog to chronicle her progress and sadly, last night SHE TOOK A SERIOUS TURN FOR THE WORSE.

This story has really affected me and made me far more appreciative of the people I love. Everything can change in an instant and it's so important to treasure every single minute, even the hard ones.

I am praying for a miracle for this family.


jon said...

Just a month ago, they renewed their wedding vows. Just a month. And now the doctor says five days would be a long time for her to live.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone with some sort of infection that disagreed with her opinions licked a doorknob that she touched. Wouldn't that be funny?

Anonymous said...

You'll know when to pick up my corpse when you begin to smell a horrid stench coming from my room.

DnB said...

You sure get some odd ones here Kate.
I feel just so sad for the family. The children are going to miss her so much. As will AT.

Leslie said...

Thanks for posting the link earlier--I have been following his blog and praying for them ever since. I was crying when I read this morning. Things sounded so good yesterday.