taking things for granted

In years past, getting pregnant and staying pregnant were a non-issue for me. Easily and joyfully accomplished.

Lately, that hasn't been the case, and while I am trying not to let this bug me, and I am assured that things will work out fine "soon" (and people are almost certainly right about this), I am reminded of how much I took easy pregnancy and babies for granted previously.

I never will again.

Now that it's on my mind, it seems I am surrounded by pregnant women and newborns. There cannot be more than there were before, but suddenly it seems, there are.

Someone else close to me has also experienced pregnancy loss recently and she, too, is on my mind these days.

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Arlene said...

I was in your shoes at Thanksgiving last year. We had already annouced our pregancy to everyone (after a year of trying), never occured to me I would miscarry. I've never been through something so emotionaly draining in my life.

We unintentionally got pregnant the next cycle and I delivered on Halloween this year.

I wonder if the universe was trying to somehow teach me about "taking things for granted"...

Take care of yourself. ~me