It's a strange thing to be a mother of relatively young children (my youngest is 8) and have them gone a large portion of the time.

I no longer spend most of the time they are at their father's crying or just sitting around the house too blue to actually get out and do anything. For the first two years, I felt terribly guilty if I did anything remotely fun while they were away. I eventually got over that ;-)

But I do still sort of feel like my arm has been reattached when they return home. They have been gone for five days or so and are home now, cuddled up in bed together watching "Holes." (Actually H is asleep already. He crashed almost as soon as we got home from dinner out.) I just feel more whole when they are in the house, particularly at night. I hate being away from them at night.


Anonymous said...

If your arm is detatched while your children are away, does that make you a one-armed bandit?

Katie Sledge said...

On a "Happier" note, I saw this article and thought you might enjoy.
Nursing Moms Stage Airport Protests

Suzette said...

I heard about the woman who was forced to leave the plane because she was breastfeeding. Come on! Like we haven't seen Madonna's, Janet's, Lindsey's, Tara's....how can a tender moment like that be offensive after all the tata's being exposed on a daily basis?ffffft!