my 15 year old son to me this morning

As we drive up to his school so I can drop him off for the day:

"Mom, can you please turn that down. I don't want all my friends to know my mother listens to emo music."

(We were listening to The Decemberists)


djuggler said...

Uh... You are sooo embarassing!

Leslie said...

LOL. John and I get the same treatment from Emily. What really horrifies her, though, is if we sing as we are dropping her off.

jehu said...

I understand everything except the "emo" part. I hate the way it's become just a synonym for "lame."

sarah said...

I love the Decemberists and they are so not emo!!!

Anonymous said...

Do I recall that it embarrassed you when your dad and I listened to the Rolling Stones in front of your friends? I think so. Mama

KS said...

My son made me turn down the Buzzcocks when I dropped him off one morning. I keep threatening to play the Butthole Surfers next time we carpool.

About 10 years ago I worked with an old hippyish woman that got very upset when her sixteen year old son did not want to go see the Rolling Stones with her. She said that they only wanted to listen to 'punk and rap crap' not good music like the Stones.

I asked her if she would have gone to a concert with her parents when she was 16. She told me that they only listened old folks music, not good music like the Rolling Stones.

She never caught on that her kids were doing the exact same thing she did when she was a teenager.