Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope yours is wonderful.

2006 has been a great year for me, although I will always miss my grandfather. I miss him today - miss that he won't be cooking and carving the turkey and fussing at people about how they clean up all wrong after the meal.

Jon and I decided to stay home this weekend. We have some lofty goals to accomplish over our 4 days off together. We plan to clean our house thoroughly, paint our HUGE bedroom (it has 12 foot ceilings, plaster walls and lots of wood trim and molding), and decorate for Christmas so the lights will be all twinkly and nice when the children come home from their father's on Monday. Well, do all the decorating except for the tree, which we will put up and decorate with the children on Tuesday night.

I lovelovelove Christmas! And our big, old house was made to decorate for Christmas. For outdoor lights this year, I want to wrap strings of lights around our columns so they look like candy canes. I'll put up a photo if I get it to look right.

Thanksgiving Day in East Tennessee has dawned sunny and warm after a cold several days. It's supposed to get up to 65 today and I hope it's equally nice wherever you happen to be.



Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, honey. We'll miss having you and Jon with us today. I'm cooking turkey, potatoes, stuffing and the gravy. You're right, it won't ever be the same kind of Thanksgiving without your grandpa. With whom will I argue about politics? Who'll say the blessing? Love, mama

Anonymous said...

I happen to be in Lisbon, Portugal, where we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But I guess Christmas here is much the same as your Thanksgiving (meals, family get together). Anyway, I wish someday I'll spend a Thanksgiving holiday with our American friends in Oak Park, Illinois!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Marta from Lisbon

Anonymous said...

It will be so nice for the kids to come home to the magic of Christmas lights! Any plans to fill the house with Christmas aroma's? Katie,I am sure that the kids missed you,Jon and your family yesterday,but it must have been nice to just focus on yourselves.You guys are newlyweds and you need some time to be a couple now and then.(even if it's being painting a wall together) Have fun...JCB