is it real or is it photoshop?

Anybody know whether this Santorum concession photo currently making the rounds is the real deal?



Laura Linger said...

It's 100% on the level.

I wonder if she's crying because Big Daddy lost, or because her opportunistic parents forced her to wear that dress and carry that doll for the sake of a photo-op.

Whatever. Bye bye, Santorum. I'm off to marry a dog.

Smokey said...

It's real. I watched the sweet sweet concession speech last night and saw the bawling live on TV (I'm from PA). I don't like to see a child cry normally, but imagining this jerk Rick Santorum trying to explain why he lost to his kids just makes me giggle a little bit. That and imagining Rick trying to explain Dan Savage's definition of "Santorum" to his kids. I can't help myself. I'm petty when it comes to homophobic bigots.

dewi said...


I totally agree Dan Savage is hilarious, I love that he has coined the phrase "santorum" to mean something to do with anal sex (It's so nasty I will not explain what "santourum" is literality). It's too funny! Everyone should look it up.

Did you all read Dan Savages opinion piece in the New York Times today? Dan makes me proud to be an American and the sister of a gay older brother.

dedanaan said...

She's crying because the taxpayers of Pennsylvania won't be paying for her cyberschooling/homeschooling anymore and she'll be sitting at a desk in public school with all of the other kids.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the child and the doll have on the same dress.
Now that is sick to let your 12 year old dress like a doll.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love Wikipedia:
Santorum is defined as: The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. This definition was popularized by the American humorist and columnist Dan Savage, in 2003 and is named after former US Republican Senator Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania.

Jenny said...

Ok, LL. Usually when I read your comments, I think you are the nuttiest pecan on the tree. But today you've made me laugh out loud. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The ugliness of these comments makes me cringe.

Anonymous said...

Poor kids. The little girl crying is dressed like the women in that Morman fundamendalist city in southern Utah. The poor boy in the coat & tie doesn't look much better.

It's creepy.

Leslie said...

You know, it's really low to make fun of a crying little girl just because you don't care for her father's politics. And what's wrong with the dress, exactly? What would you expect her to wear for an important occasion like that, low cut jeans and a tank top? Those look like appropriate church clothes to me, and if she feels comforted by holding her doll, why do you have a problem with that?

katie allison granju said...

I want to be clear that I am in NO WAY poking fun at these children, who are clearly shell shocked and sad.

But the photo is apparently real - their parents took them up on the stage to be photographed during his concession speech.

Rick Santorum has actively worked for a less tolerant, mor sexist world where it's harder for me to control my own body and life as a woman. I am very pleased that he has been unseated.

And from a purely aesthetic perspective, that's one weird-ass photo.


Laura Linger said...

Leslie, get down from your high horse. Santorum is the lowest of the low, his day in the sun is over, and he used his own children to garner sympathy for his sorry self as he slithered out of his seat in Washington.

How many tears did Santorum bring about by his intolerant views?

I feel sorry for his children, especially since their parents feel the need to parade them around like show ponies. But you know what? Daddy's a corrupt bastard who was given his walking papers by a country fed up with corruption and war. It's always the children who have to pay the price for the sins of the parents.

And there had to have been a more fashionable outfit that child could have worn. Why is the polar opposite of looking like a fundie Laura Ingalls Wilder looking like a tramp?

Leslie said...


I never though YOU were making fun of the little girl. I know YOU wouldn't do such a thing, nor are you responsible for the comments of others on your blog.


I don't get the "high horse" comment. Your own comment was every bit as judgmental as mine, you just made a different judgment. I think the dress is cute, personally. Having a different fashion sense from you is, again, not a sin.

Finally, I don't really know much about Santorum's politics. I'd feel the same about these comments regardless. If I lived in Pennsylvania, I expect I would have voted for his opponent.

Anonymous said...

Santorum, the guy who has no qualms using his children as political pawns. This is the same ass who, after his wife had a stillborn baby, he takes it HOME from the hospital and forces his preschool aged children to hold it while taking several "family" photos. Those kids are going to need years and years of therapy.

Anonymous said...

"This is the same ass who, after his wife had a stillborn baby, he takes it HOME from the hospital and forces his preschool aged children to hold it while taking several "family" photos. Those kids are going to need years and years of therapy."

Actually, unless you`ve lost a baby, you don`t have the right to have any opinion at all on how his family handled it. The kids had the right to see their brother & were not "forced" according to the book his wife wrote. wasn`t even really a baby was it? Probably just a fetus and what`s upsetting about that?

firstimpressionist said...

Can you prove the stillborn photo op comment, anonymous? I'm not saying you're wrong, I just can't believe everything I read.

dedanaan said...

Everyone has a right to their opinion. You aren't the governor of the state you live in, but I bet you've got an opinion on how he/she handles the job. You may have never been on welfare, but I bet you have an opinion about it.

Cousin Julie said...

"This is the same ass who, after his wife had a stillborn baby, he takes it HOME from the hospital and forces his preschool aged children to hold it while taking several "family" photos. Those kids are going to need years and years of therapy."

Even if you *have* lost a baby, anonymous, and don't personally like this idea, people and families grieve differently. There is nothing in the world wrong with acknowledging the loss of a baby and wanting family pictures with this loved and valued family member, before his body is put to rest. Yes, a stillborn baby is a loved and valued family member.

And what's wrong with the little girl crying because her father lost the election, that must have been a huge deal in his life? Should she not love her father?? I don't see anything wrong (although it may not have been my personal choice) in having the whole family there for the concession speech, either. When Dad is a politician, I imagine that that comes with the territory.

I don't normally comment, but the nature of these posts is upsetting.