laid up

I can't remember the last time I spent four full days pretty much completely in bed. And whenever that was, I didn't have cable TV at the time. Right now I do have cable because they accidentally gave us the whole enchilada at our new house when we asked for internet service and the 6 basic channels.

So anyway, I have been lying here in bed with a laptop and 50 channels of TV and I have these observations:

-''Seinfeld and 'Sex and the City' are as good as you remember

-Tucker Carlson is putting on weight

-"The Flavor of Love" is THE best reality show on television. Trust me on this one.

-VH1 has really run out of things to count down. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel now. I think earlier today I saw a three hour show titled "The 50 Top Celebrity Shoplifting Incidents"

-Nancy Grace is psychotic. No, seriously. I suspect she'll eventually pull an Anne Heche and be found wandering around Barstow, California wearing only a bedsheet and babbling about that time Bill Clinton begged her to make love to him.

-Rachael Ray is really Billy Barty in drag

-WBIR-TV is FAR superior to any other local newscast ;-)

More Deep TV Thoughts From Katie later...


Anonymous said...

Radio is far more entertaining than today's recycled cable TV shows.

Suzette said... matter how many channels you get there is STILL nothing on worth watching! I hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the Flava of Love. When we got rid of cable this year it was really the only thing I regretted missing, besides Food Network! It's just soooo good, in a horrible, shameful way.


newscoma said...

I'm laid up too.
I think I've seen Bravo's Scariest Moments montage fifty times.
And I never knew that there were so many Judge shows.
Did get to see Female Trouble after about a twenty year timeframe, and it was gross and interesting as I remember.
But I refuse, REFUSE, I tell you to watch Fox News.
I have my limits.