starting to get house decorated for christmas

First Christmas in our new house.

Picture 033

Picture 034


Anonymous said...

That looks lovely! Your place is so uncluttered. Where is all your STUFF? Books, etc. Basement? Attic? Did you throw lots out when you moved?

katie allison granju said...

It's a HUGE house! AT this point, it's wonderfully decluttered overall because there is so much space.

We do have still lots of books to unpack that are still in boxes upstairs and we have a lot of books in bookcases lining the (huge) hallway downstairs...

Also, despite the fact that I am a very messy, disorganized person I am -- perversely - a ruthless declutterer. I save very little and I don't collect "stuff."
We've moved 4 times in 4 years, so lots of stuff got tossed overboard along the way. NOw we are in our real home - for good - and I am sure stuff will accumulate a bit more.

Anonymous said...

The garland would look even better if you would make one minor adjustment-either move the green thing up on the right side so both sides sit on top of the column or take the piece that rests on the column and let it hang like the other side. (Sorry,but my eye for detail and balance can be annoying but the end result is soothing to the discerning eye) JCB

Anonymous said...

Ah, moving four times must have really helped. I haven't moved since 1994. (I remained in the marital apartment, hee!) Before that, I moved every two years or so. It makes such a difference! Your place looks gorgeous. Good luck keeping the clutter monster at bay.