gotta love east tennessee

THis girl was dimissed from an otherwise all-male weightlifting class because the teacher believed the fact she was the only girl might mean SHE WOULD BE RAPED by her fellow students.


(Question of the day: with public education dollars so scarce, do we really need to be funding a "weightlifting class"??)


Anonymous said...

and this is why so many american children are fat. is because PE is considered "optional". If they would stop wasting money teaching the kiddies how to put condoms on bananas they might have some left over to help teach them lifetime fitness habits. which is NOT an unimportant thing.

Sarada said...

Actually, there was a girl raped in a storage room in the gymnasium at a high school in my town last year.

Anonymous said...

Did she shower with the boys in the locker room or something?

Anonymous said...

no what it is, I am quite sure is that as one can tell by reading the news reports a lot of these kids ARE animals. and the school and teacher are doing some heinie coverage since they cant police the boys constantly. they do not want to be sued if one of these poorly raised cretins slips out of their sight for a moment and rapes another student. this is less a feminist issue than it is one about how low our standards for kids have sunk under modern morals. this shit didnt happen when I was a kid.