walter reed on house

Jon likes the TV show, "House." I've never watched it before, although I think Hugh Laurie is hawt.

Anyway, he was watching it in bed the other night and I was pretty much asleep when I found myself waking up because I really liked this song that was playing over the closing credits. I did a little digging online the next day and found out it was the song "Walter Reed" from Michael Penn.

So I downloaded the record and have been listening to it. That one song is quite good, but the rest of the record pretty much bores me. Henry hates it.


Anonymous said...

That's too bad you feel that way. Michael Penn has been around quite a while, and there's a reason his song was chosen. He's an amazing songwriter and performer, and his shows sell out when he comes through towns. Give him another chance and listen to the lyrics. Just a suggestion :-)

Anonymous said...


Thought you should see this update on Ireland:

from TMQ, on ESPN.com

Norwegians Complained About Their Government Complaining About the Complaining: The new Human Development Report ranks Norway as the world's best place to live and Niger as the world's worst; the United States ranked eighth. The report praised Norway for modernism, personal and sexual freedom, affluence, little crime, a clean environment and generous benefits funded by the country's oil wealth. It was Norway's sixth consecutive first-place finish in the report, and the news prompted Norwegian government minister Erik Solheim to protest a "culture of whining" in which Norwegians spend too much time complaining. But Erik, that's a complaint too! Finishing fourth on the United Nations ranking of best places to live was Ireland, and talk about a comeback story. Just a generation ago, the young left Ireland and you couldn't give away an Irish country house. Now Ireland's economy, culture and real-estate market are running at Gold Rush levels.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure the music you heard wasn't from one of the 59 minutes of commercials aired during House's time slot?

bfmomma said...

I haven't heard the new Michael Penn, but his old albums (March and Free For All) are fantabulous!