peter, bjorn & john

Last night my friend Quentin came in to town and went out to dinner with Jon and me. We had a fun time, although I overindulged for a school night.

Quentin and I trade music back and forth, and last night he brought me this record from a Swedish band, Peter, Bjorn & John. He made it sound like it would sort of be a joke band, but I love this record. I listened to it all morning.

It's trippy, sweet pop with a space sound. It reminds me a little bit of a trippier sounding SONDRE LERCHE.

CLICK HERE to hear some P, B&J.


jon said...

I've been listening to it all morning, too. I like it.

CHEZ BEZ said...

"Young Folks" is one of my fave songs. I love that band.

Anonymous said...

Q Stimpson? Is he still in BB?

katie allison granju said...

While Quintin S. is still around the Buckle, this was actually Quentin M. of the ATL ;-)