gay evangelical hypocrite


I feel really bad for this preacher-dude's kids. They must be really confused and embarrassed.

This is another good example of why you should always consider carefully whether the biggest homophobes are actually gay.

Me thinks thou dost protest too much.


dancediva said...

Speaking from experience, they're having a hard enough time living in the glass house that you live in when your dad's the senior minister at a 14,000-member church.

newscoma said...

Me too. I do believe Mike Jones.
Hope you are doing well. The western part of the state is trying to send good karma to you.
Hope it's helping.

Katharine said...

I just wish that religious leaders everywhere would realize that if Ted Haggard can serve his church quite effectively for years and is gay—or at least bisexual—he's an example of how people of all sexual orientations are called to serve the church. God does not discriminate, even though people misguidedly do.

lauren said...

He's human like the rest of us, especially like others who are in the public eye. I do hope he doesn't try to use that as an excuse for whatever it is he actually did. I do find it interesting that Mr. Jones failed a polygraph test. (Yes,I'm aware that polygraph's are not a reliable measure of truthfullmess... it's still interesting, and I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Haggard voluntarily submit to one as well.) Still, I can't help but wonder if Mr. Jones is trying to exaggerate what happened in order to get attention for himself or his cause?

There's obviously some truth to the allegations, it will be sadly interesting to learn more.

God does not discriminate, but He does define certain things very clearly as wrong, if you actually believe the Bible is absolute truth and interpret it consistently according to context of the whole scripture. Unfortunately, we Christians tend to elevate certain wrong behavior (using the Bible as the standard-setter) as worse than others, forgetting that our judgemental, hypocritical attitudes are right up there with everything we condemn as sinful. Equally offensive is the hypocrisy of those who expect conservatives to accept or change their fundamental beliefs and redefine truth. It's wrong to assume we are being judgemental when we are also just voicing our beliefs. Both conservatives and liberals are often guilty of discrimination and judgement.

Katie, I am praying for your physical and emotional healing from the premature death of your baby. My sil swears by netflix as her movie source.

lauren said...

i was glad to see mr. haggard gave up his facade of innocence, and i'm also glad to see another example of the lack of credibility in polygraph testing. it's a shame, his actions only reinforce stereotypes of hypocrytical evangelical christians. but i do admire the courage of the man who was his partner of sorts (not to be confused with a commited partner).