today i am wearing.... oversized sweater, a denim miniskirt, black leggings and ballet flats.

This is an outfit straight out of my 1986 closet and I love it. Leggings in particular have always been a big fave of mine. I'm glad they're "back." I had thrown all mine out but bought some new ones.

One 80s trend I never embraced the first time around and still hate are those godawful, pointy-toed, high-heel ankle boots. Ick, I hate them.


karrie said...

I admit when I first saw a few women wearing that outfit again,I thought it was kind of cute in a back-to-the future way.

In the past month or so, every 18-20 year-old girl in Greater Boston is sporting that look--complete with the 80's hair, makeup and jewelry-- and something about it just makes me feel old.

AmyB said...

I can attest that Katie never did big hair. She had far better taste. :)

Anonymous said...

MOM- you dont spell fav fave!!! thats why its fav!!! haha ok well this is ♥Jane♥

Anonymous said...

i ♥ U!!!!

_****JANE ♥