wow. rehnquist was a drug addict

He was apparently ADDICTED FOR YEARS to a prescription sedative.

I wonder how many drug cases he heard during that period.


Laura Linger said...

It's assholes like this who make it impossible for the rest of us to get the pain medications/insomnia remedies that we need.

Being bipolar, there are times when I have real issues with sleep. Despite never, ever having abused a prescription medication in my life, and despite my six-year relationship with my psychiatrist, I have to jump through many hoops to get the pills that I need (NEED!) to get the sleep that is so crucial to managing bipolar disorder. It's the fear of "addiction" that causes this ridiculous situation.

And how many AIDS patients, cancer sufferers, and others living with chronic pain are denied their meds to make their lives just a bit more bearable? More worries about "addiction." Please explain to me why a terminally ill patient should be worried about being "addicted" to anything.

No, the Rehnquists of the world have enough connections to have a candyman who will prescribe anything he wants, in whatever amount. It's the rest of us poor HMO workaday slobs who have to suffer.

Anonymous said...

so glad you are so morally perfect Laura. Glad drug addiction isnt something you have personally struggled with. You are one angry bitch. I wouldn't want to be in your presence if I happened to tick you off. It sounds like you have just as many anger management issues as your mother did.

Anonymous said...

Ok Anon,was that really necessary?As it sounds ,you seem to be the one that might need to visit The Quiet Room.