I predict my baby is a boy.

We'll see ;-)


Anonymous said...

oh oh... I also have boy, girl, boy... what might convince us to try for the 4th would be the possibility of another girl... (but I guess it matters more to us, because ours are more closely spaced - 22 months and exactly 3 years - than yours; so a 4th, being a girl, would be 5 to 6 years apart from the 1st girl, which is a big difference at birth and 6 yo but enough to play house at 3 and 9, for example... but I digress. first we have to agree on a fourth ;)

Hope all goes well with the u/s!

Marta from Lisbon

CAthy said...

Actually, I rather believe it is a girl. And she's going to have Jon's forehead and chin, but your smile and eyes.
Just so you know, i have accurately predicted the sex out of the last 14 babies I was asked. My mom also seems to have the same gift- she predicted all three of my kids in the first trimester. I also accurately predicted my best friends two, my four nephews, and several friends.

jane will be thrilled. of course, it'll be so sad when she goes off to college when her little sister is 5.