I seriously do not deserve my husband. He's so patient with me. And such a great stepfather. He should teach a how-to course for husbands. He is exceptionally excellent at being married.


Anonymous said...

So, who would teach the "how-to" course for wives?

katie allison granju said...

I certainly wouldn't teach it! I am no good at many of the traditional wifely skills (altough I have my strong suits...)



Anonymous said...

You DO deserve him. One partner is patient and one flies off the handle sometimes. No biggie. After a time the 'fly' partner will become more patient and the 'patient one' will let his exasperation show more when it's actually needed. And you'll get used to each other.

Doesn't mean one is more 'deserving' than the other, just different. Appreciate him but don't sell yourself short.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it is a coincidence that you found one another. Positive people attract other positive people.
PS Willie is excited about Elliot's party!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend swears I am making him nicer without his permission. And to be honest, I have been standing up for myself a little more these days (which has always been a big problem for me). So I agree, maybe we just balance each other out.

Anonymous said...

If he is great then he deserves to not have you question what his childs last name should be.

How insulting to Jon to even think your ex husbands name belongs given to his child.

You should drop Granju from your name and just use Allison.

Anonymous said...

yup. If she keeps this up about the name then I have to agree: she DOESN'T deserve him.

Jane and Sydney said...

mommmyyyy! don't change your name! i like you having the same name as me!!! (read your first comment)

-♥ Jane

ps. look at my blog its really coming along!