scariest parenting moment so far

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I think I am about to face my very biggest parenting fear. I am going to let my 15 year old son "go downtown" in a car driven by another (older) teenage boy - a friend from school.

I have never before let Henry ride in a car driven by another teenager (except a few times with a very close family friend who is 3 years older). This thing today will be a first.

There is nothing more frightening to me than a teenage boy behind the wheel. This one seems nice enough, but how can you really be sure? Some of the "nicest" boys I knew in high school were the biggest terrors behind the wheel. Cars are like crack for teenage boys, aren't they? They're crazymaking.

And this huge step may make me crazy. I will be freaking out until he brings my baby home.


Anonymous said...

I so relate to the scary of that.

Leslie said...

This is so scary to me that we have made a firm decision not to allow our children to drive until 18 and not to allow them to ride with other teenagers. This is going to be difficult but I too well remember my own teenage years as does my husband. We were both very well-behaved and not wild but we both did stupid things and rode with friends who did stupid things. The risk outweighs the convenience of allowing the kids to drive.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure he rides in the cab and not the bed.