double ugh

I think I cursed myself, by mentioning the ptyalism (below).

I was driving across town tonight when it suddenly started. It was that quick: one minute I was fine and the next I...wasn't.

That was several hours ago and I seem to have it full force.

I was just googling it, to see if maybe there has been some wonder cure developed for this bizarro pregnancy symptom since last time I was with child. Apparently not.



Anonymous said...

Hey Katie, if you're gonna spew, spew into this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie, if you are open to it, homeopathy offers some excellent possibilities for treating symptoms safely, especially symptoms that traditional medical science doesn't know what to do with. I would try homeopathic kreosote, and also get Schuesslers cell salts (for general cellular and metabolic health). Corinne Rivetti in Knoxville is a good homeopathic advanced practice nurse.