so damn tired

The dreaded first trimester nausea has remained at bay so far.

Instead, my primary symptom is exhaustion. I am sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. I want to fall asleep at the table. I want to fall asleep at work. I can hardly motivate myself to complete anything I start. I just want to take warm baths and then sleep.

I guess growing a new human being takes some energy. I am trying to think of it that way when I feel like a total lazy ass. And again, this is certainly easier to deal with than it would be if my children were really little. Now when I need a nap, I can just tell the kids to leave me alone for an hour while I take a nap with no worries that one of them will eat the catfood or accidentally set the curtains on fire while I sleep.

And as always, Jon is being extremely accomodating, although he's probably tired of me being so...tired.


Anonymous said...

Are baths recommended during the first trimester?

Lori B said...

Can I recommend a book - Birth - The Suprising History of How We are Born by Tina Cassidy. Heard her in an interview and it was fascinating. You might like to read it while pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you have a bath thermometer.