i need a vacation

I am looking for ideas for a cheap, quick 3 or 4 day getaway. Preferably WARM, although I'd consider being snowed in with my hubby in front of a fire somewhere gorgeous for 3 days.

Cheap is important (saving for baby and maternity leave, etc).

Your ideas?


Katie S. said...

We are in Colorado and felt the same way but mainly because we are gettin Cabin Fever with the neverending snow storms. With #2 on the way, we are taking toddler and Mother-in-law to the Florida Keys. Hubbie and I hope to have some relaxing and romanitc walks and dinners.

Mountain Girl said...

I don't know how you feel about camping, but my husband and I had the most enjoyable of vacations in St.Joe's. It was a beautiful campground with private spots. We had the beach to ourselves more often than not, and we ate the best of seafood (probably not recommended in large quantities when you're preggers.) Anyhoo, it's a gorgeous, romantic, and reasonably priced vacation. We actually came home with money budgeted for the trip.

Check here:
and here:

Leslie said...

It wouldn't be warm, but if we could afford it we would just go up to the mountains, either to a really nice cabin or maybe one of those lodge/resorts. You could afford to spend more on nicer accommodations if you didn't have to facor in funds for traveling somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I recommend Savannah. Not the beaches and all that, but Historic Savannah. You can stay in a nice B&B and just take time to visit without being pushed to "see all the sites" or do everything.

Les Jones said...

Tough one. From Knoxville it's hard to get some place really warm without either buying a plane ticket or spending a day driving in each direction, which eats up the vacation time.

If you're interested in more of a winter vacation, there's always Boone and Banner Elk, NC. You can get in some skiiing, if you're into that, or go snow tubing, which looks pretty fun. Downtown Boone is great, and the Davy Crockett Inn has delicious food served family style.

In the Smokies, I hugely recommend Buckhorn Inn. It's a traditional inn built in 1938. Once you get there you won't want to leave. It's one of the places I can't believe I had never been to, and we wound up going there almost by accident. Here are some pictures of the labyrinth and gardens. The walking trail is great and the inn is in the artist's area.

More Knox-area ideas here.

Mia Storm said...

Why not "play tourist" in your own city (or its surrounding areas)? Close up your house for a few days and go to a local B&B. Or, put the money you would have spent on travel expenses toward a night or two at the fanciest hotel in Knoxville that you can afford? During the day you can make day trips to local sites you may never have seen because you "live there."

My hometown is one of the top vacation getaways in all of the continental U.S. and there is a ton of stuff here that I've never seen or done. If I ever get married, I plan on making a pitch that the honeymoon be in our own city.

mamalife said...

Not cheap, but my absolute favorite place I have ever stayed is Sourwood Inn in Asheville, NC. you can find them at Most amazing inn keepers. Every room with a wood burning fireplace and a private balcony overlooking the amazing mountains. And the bathrooms. Oh. My. God. A tub to soak in. And an open shower also overlooking the amazing mountains. No phones or TV's in the rooms. Just romantic peace and quiet.

Anonymous said...

There are some plushed out places to stay in Gatlinburg, believe it or not.

Another cool place is Highlands, NC or even Waynesville, NC.

Anonymous said...

I also give three cheers for Asheville. When my husband and I have gone, we have really enjoyed the Bent Creek Inn. The innkeepers are wonderful, the grounds are really lovely, and you can do as much or as little as you please. Asheville town is fun and funky and there are great places to eat. Or you can cozy up by the fire and forget the world.
We have a fifteen month old and just spent our first weekend away after Christmas. He stayed with his grandparents, who live in Kentucky, and our getaway was to Harrodsburg KY. We stayed at the Beaumont Inn and our big getaway was at the Shakertown museum. Very low key, but beautiful and interesting and in the backyard. I'd go back in a heartbeat.