more proverbs

Below, I posted about Elliot's class project studying proverbs. The kids were each given half of a well known proverb, and then they had to finish them.

Here are some of my favorite, kid-updated proverbs from E's class:

"There are none so blind as...the three blind mice."

"Where there's smoke, there's...a jetpack."

"Strike while the....bear is attacking."

"No news fun."

"If you lie down with dogs,'ll love the dogs."

"Strike while the...ball is in the middle and the goalie is diving."

"Don't put off 'til tomorrow...what you should have done the day before yesterday."

"There are none so blind as....a blind sea otter."

"Don't bite the hand...that is magic."

"Better to be safe than....dead"

"Love all, trust...the power of the dark side."

"It's always darkest before...the moon comes out."

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