We celebrated Elliot's 9th birthday earlier this week with a family dinner and cake, etc. But Saturday night I told him he could pick a meal and invite some frinds to sleep over. S0 he chose sushi for supper, and invited his little buddies over for the night.

I had expected to have 4 or 5 kids, but at one point last night, for a variety of reasons, we ended up with FIFTEEN children stampeding all over the house. It was bedlam.

By bedtime, we were back down to six kids. E's siblings had wisely decided to find other digs for the night (Henry went to Max's and Jane spent the night with her cousin Eleanor), so the little boys had the house to themselves.

They were all very cute. This is a wonderful age - second to fourth grade - and these are sweet little boys. Everyone got along very well and judging by Elliot's exhaustion today ( he has not moved off the sofa for hours), the sleepover was a roaring success.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting Willie. he had a great time.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you the cleaning bill for Zan's clothes.

I'm not sure what happened -- all I got was an unintelligable story that went something like "therewerecupcakes andweblahbblahblahed andthenweblahblahblahed andthenweblahblahblahed
andthenwe...etc etc." all said in about 5 seconds without a breath. Do I want to know what that meant?

- Steve K.

katie allison granju said...

Uhhhhh...sorry about the cupcake stains! They also slid down that hill of kudzu (AKA - "the kudzu forest") behind our house. I have discovered that kudzu really stains ;-)

Anonymous said...

If I had a hill of kudzu, I would slide down it too.

- Steve K.

Suzette said...

and where are the pictures?????

Anonymous said...

for cupcake stains:

it works so great>

Anonymous said...

Cleaning bill??! Who sends their kid to a sleepover in clothes that can't be tossed out if they get ruined?