cornish pasties?

Anyone know where I can order pasties (the traditional Cornish food, not the stripper accessory) online? It seems like a gourmet or British specialty food shop would have them, but I am unable to find them anywhere.

I want to order some for my grandmother, who loves them and just had back surgery.


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Just make some for her. They are really easy. The ones from
We were not impressed. I think it's the freezing for shipping.
In a large mixing bowl:
meat (either chili-cut ground beef or chopped up chuck), salt, pepper,
chopped onions, turnips, carrots, potatoes. Mix and add to ready made pie crust circles. brush the pie crusts with water or egg. Pasty crusts are NOT soft, the glaze should "toughen" the pastry. If you are only making two, it should take only 1/2 lb of chopped chuck, 1/4 yellow turnip, 1/3 carrot, 1/2 large potato, 1/2 yellow onion. Adjust the ingredients to your grandmother's taste.