another reason to find bill o'reilly really distasteful

Now, he is saying that the little boy who was kidnapped at age 11 and held captive for 4 years by a 300 pound child molester didn't try to escape because he "ENJOYED HIS CAPTIVE LIFESTYLE."

Despite the fact that there have been numerous cases where children who are abducted and sexually abused and threatened finally give up and stop trying to get away, even when they have the opportunity, O'Reilly says this boy is a bad kid because he had "piercings," and that he probably didn't try to escape because his kidnapper didn't make (try, let) him go to school.

I find this reasoning utterly despicable. The fact that he is saying it on TV is foul. And this comes after he has gone around potraying himself as the go-to guy in media for being tough on child molesters.


Smokey said...


This is just like Rush Limbaugh saying that Michael J. Fox faked his Parkinson's tremors for effect.

Some people have no souls.

Laura Linger said...

No, they don't. And these neocon pundits are in *great* company.

I read a thoroughly disgusting article online today about Joel Steinberg, who is in prison for murdering his little stepdaughter, Lisa, back in 1987. The man hit that innocent little baby upside the head so hard, it knocked her unconscious. He then left her to die on the bathroom floor, going out to dinner and a movie, then coming home and going straight to bed. Lisa eventually died, but only after what doctors estimate was between 8-10 hours of suffering, as her brain swelled.

Well, this little miscreant, this piss poor excuse for a man, is arguing in civil court that his wrongful death judgment against him should be reduced, as the jurors are "obligated" to consider the "lower end" of the "spectrum of suffering." In other words, they should go with eight hours of agony instead of the full eleven, in order to let this monster off the hook for a couple of mil.

I sometimes wonder if future generations will study us and determine that there were some people simply born without the proper components to make a human being.

Erika said...

pigs.....both of them.

Anonymous said...

Do you think DCS could molest that particular child any better?