I showed Elliot & Jane the ULTRASOUND PHOTO from our doctor appointment yesterday.

Elliot said, "Eeeew. My baby brother looks like a worm...We should definitely name him Pablo."

(I agree that at this point, there is some resemblance to a caterpillar. No, we do not know the baby's gender. Elliot just WANTS the baby to be a boy. And no, we will not be naking the baby "Pablo.")


Anonymous said...

I like it! Pablo is a cool name.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations for your blessings. At what point do you believe that "Pablo" is a human being?

Suzette said...

To the second anonymous...????????that is an extremely insensitive comment to make; when clearly Katie and family grieved the recent loss of an unborn child.

Congratulations on your new bundle of Pablo! When I was pregnant with my second baby my oldest wanted to name her Seashell. Just because she thought Seashells were the most beautiful, amazing things ever! But as soon as she was born the name Seashell was forgotten.

cathy said...

Katie, when I had a commenter hiding behind "anonymous", I moved to wordpress and blocked her IP.

erika said... cool!