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Check out my best friend Betsy IN THIS NEWS STORY about second career nursing students. She's the person teaching the nursing class at Vanderbilt.

I still remember the first time Betsy visited Vandy's school of medicine. We wre in 10th grade and she went there for some sort of career day and came back the next days saying she'd seen stuff like cadavers and just knew she'd found her calling. I seem to remember something about a dead rabbit as well....I said gross, and figured she would change her mind. She never did. Now she's rather
well known in her field (high risk perinatal nursing).

I could never do anything in medicine for a variety of reasons, most important of which being that I would certainly accidentally kill people.

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mamalife said...

I was almost finished with a 4-year social work degree when I changed career paths from social work to nursing ... when I graduated I changed from my previous career of 10 years as an optician. I transferred to a 2-year community college to complete my RN. When I graduated at age 31, I was one of the younger in my graduating class (this was 9 years ago) ... so older students going back for nursing is a trend that has been around for a bit, at least in some places. I do think some maturity and life experience of not being 18 helps most people in this field.