I am getting fat. I feel it creeping up on me.

I had gained 4 pounds at my last prenatal appointment and I've definitely gained at least 2 or 3 more in the past two weeks.

The problem is, I need to eat to keep from feeling sick. I am not gorging, by any means, but all these "mini meals" are catching up with me. Plus, my metabolism is changing. I can literally feel it happening.

I keep asking close friends and family if they can tell I am pregnant by my belly profile, because I sure can, but they all tell me honestly that I just look, well, fat. Thick in the middle. My waistline is totally gone already. I am completely out of any clothes I was wearing a month ago and into all my stretchy things, plus a few maternity items. I broke down today and ordered maternity jeans from Old Navy. They aren't quite as heinous as the maternity jeans that were available last time I was pregnant, in 1997 (maternity clothes are ONE THOUSAND TIMES LESS HORRIBLE than they were a decade ago), but they are still maternity jeans. I've packed up my size eights for the forseeable future.

I love being pregnant. I love my pregnant belly. But I would really like to avoid getting really fat this time. I mean, hey, I'm a newlywed. I want to look cute for the guy. He swears he likes my burgeoning belly, but I'm not sure he's prepared for a burgeoning ass, which really, has nothing to do with growing the baby. I just don't think I am built to be one of those fabulous pregnant women who don't really LOOK pregnant unless you see their belly. My sister in law Nicole is like that. She looked exactly the same while pregnant (four times in six years) except she had a baby belly. The rest of her looked svelte and strong and toned. My body just doesn't seem to roll like that.

I am aiming for 30lbs or less this time (as opposed to the 50 I gained with each previous pregnancy). We'll see how that goes...


emily smith said...

Just keep exercising! Some family members & friends thought I was crazy to keep it up so long (finally stopped running at about 35 weeks; continued gym workouts until the day before Henry was born) but now I'm only 10 lbs over my starting weight 4 weeks after giving birth.

(Sorry, I know... obnoxious.)

Katie S. said...

A friend and I were both pregnant at the same time, I gained 30 lbs and she gained over 60 lbs. The difference was when I went out to eat I only ate half of it, whether it be a deli sandwich or hamburger. She ate the whole thing in one sitting. A couple hours later I ate the remaining half.

Also when you have a craving like Ben and Jerry's ice cream buy the one size servings at the grocery store instead of a pint. I was shocked to see how little a serving was. Yes, its a bit more money but in the end you will feel much better.

dewi said...

Don't fret, you will look pregnant soon enough, the beginning is always an awkward time.

For great maternity clothes.
In Manhattan, there is a fabulous Maternity shop "Liz Lange" she has great clothes for work and a big sale going on now.

Anonymous said...

target has great maternity clothes!

Anonymous said...

Target has Liz Lange maternity clothes, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, my wife really loved maternity jeans from Kmart.

Anonymous said...

I had to eat like that in the beginning and gained the majority of the weight early on. Reflux kept me eating less later on.

Both babies were normally sized and healthy and the one I gained not enough with was the larger.

Anonymous said...

Exercise totally is the secret. And it will give more energy. I konw you only want to sit on the couch, but you have to get your ass moving if you don't want it to get huge.