first yoga class

So I started my YOGA CLASS tonight. It was not technically a prenatal yoga class, but a beginner class that the instructor said she would help me modify as needed.

It was a great class, and the instructor was excellent. I enjoyed it a lot. I may have slightly overdone it though. It was a bit more rigorous than I expected for a class for total beginners. I'm not totally weak and wobbly, and I found it relatively challenging, as did a non-pregnant friend who went with me.

But I plan to stick with it once or maybe even twice a week.

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Georgia said...

Was it Bikram yoga? I didn't expect my body to let me work that well in a heated room, but it did.

With each lesson, you'll get more comfortable with the poses and realize just how good your body feels afterwards.

I bet you'll find that you really like it.