After you have had a miscarriage, it's hard to feel very invested in a pregnancy because you worry something can go wrong.

Everything looks excellent this time around (there were some warning signs in last pregnancy), and I am trying to relax and allow myself to enjoy things - even the nausea and lethargy.


clara said...

Its very challenging to be pregnant after any kind of loss, it helps to do what you`re doing, enjoy each minute, one day at a time. I wish you the best!

I do know there`s some evidence that 400 iu of vitamin e every day can help build the placenta very well and is good in preventing mc. There`s the Catholic version of Taking Charge of your fertility, The Art of Natural Family Planning & it recommends vit E in the 1st trimester & then in the second switching to an omega 3 for brain development. Not trying to give unsolicited advice or anything.:)

Laura said...

it is hard. i confess that after a late loss with my 2nd pg, i truly did not relax until after i passed that week with subsequent pregnancies, even when it was clear that all was well. i guess just acknowledging that was the first step to healing and focusing inward on the new life growing and thriving this time around.
take care.

Jenny said...

When I miscarried, the nausea stopped pretty suddenly (and 4 weeks too early). So during my healthy pregnancy, I found myself incredibly comforted with every single wave of nausea: "Yes! I'm still sick!" Being ill brought me a ridiculous amount of relief.