My 10 year old daughter will have nightmares about "lockjaw" tonight. That's because she was barefoot (actually in socks) at the barn today and she stepped on a board with nails sticking up and poked two nasty holes in her cute little foot.

Our pediatrician says she will have to have a tetanus booster shot in the morning and Jane is so scared of lockjaw (I guess some other kid at the barn got her worried about it) that she was BEGGING to be taken to the ER to get the shot tonight. She doesn't want to wait to have the shot.

She's a tough cookie, but I hate for her to have to have this shot :-(


firstimpressionist said...

I put a stick through my foot just last February and as a result was laid up for a whole month. No fun.

Dewi said...

I guess she feels your reluctance to get her vaccinated and wants to impress upon you the importance of a tetanus shot after stepping on a rusty nail!

Anonymous said...

Confession: it wasn't a kid at the barn who told her about lock jaw. It was a big mouth mom. Sorry to have caused such stress in the abode. I'm pretty nuts and bolts with my kids. A few moments after I explained that she needed to remember to tell you about her foot, what lockjaw was and why tetanus shots were important, I caught her rubbing her jaw. Dismissing her reaction lightly, I laughingly told her not to worry, she wasn't going to get it. I guess, though, I freaked her out.
So sorry. You are free to extract your revenge on either of my kids ;) -K.A.

katie allison granju said...

K.A. - Don't apologize! I am just so grateful you were there to see about her while I was busy at work. It's good to know another mama I like and trust was on the scene :-)

Anonymous said...

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