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Have I mentioned my addiction to yarn? I'm a knitter, an enthusiastically inept (but improving!) knitter, and I buy yarn by the bagful even when I don't know what I plan to do with it just yet. Get to know me and I'll certainly knit you something.

Anyway, check out this cool new yarn store I discovered today.


Eddie said...

I like your site. See www.stockdiscussion.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

you know..I never got these folks on knitting blogs who spend more on yarn than some people spend on food. I just buy what I need. I cant see the point of getting four balls of color x only to find the perfect pattern for it that uses six balls of same color x.
personally I think the overstashers of yarn are suffering from a form of spendaholism....especially when they start hiding stuff in the car and sneaking it in at night so noone knows what they bought.