Jane & Sydney

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We had a good horse show today, although Jane took a terrible, terrible-looking fall going over a jump.

Although I didn't realize I had done it, I apparently let out quite a loud and horrified shriek and then cleared the railing around the ring in one leap. I sprinted over to where she had come off and she was too dizzy to get up for a minute or two.

The pony stepped on her (helmeted) head after she came off.

I was so proud of her because after she got her bearings and sat down for a few minutes, she got back on her pony and finished the show, winning some good ribbons. I told her I'm prouder of her being tough and getting back on than I am of any ribbon she ever wins.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen you and your children at the shows. She's a good rider and so are you. Why don't you show more often? She seems to show much more often than you do.

katie allison granju said...

99% of my horse funds go to Jane's riding. I catch ride.