corner lounge

My downtown neighborhood, Oakwood-Lincoln Park, just keeps getting better and better. I now have discovered TWO cool pubs/music venues within only a few short, walking blocks from my house.

The one I've been visiting most recently is THE CORNER LOUNGE. They seem to be getting good bands in on a very regular basis now and it's a real neighborhood hangout...

Here is their CALENDAR LISTING of upcoming bands.

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Anonymous said...

It is a truly great bar. I just moved here to teach at UT and I live in Old North. I love walking there and the other good spots on Central like the tearoom and Toot's Little Honkytonk and Steamboat Sandwiches. Oh yes, and the Mr. Freezo.

Everyone told me I should buy in west Knoxville when I moved here. I am so glad I moved to the downtown area.

I love your writing, by the way. I started reading it before I moved here to get an idea of what Knoxville is like.

Jim Anderton