I am going to Atlanta this weekend and while I'm there, I am visiting my friend Quentin.

In his typically cryptic way, he told me we would check out something called Corndogorama while I was in town. I assumed he was either joking or that it would be some smallish, hotdog and circus peanuts sort of event somewhere in the exurbs or something.

But this morning I got curious and Googled it (just to see how bored I might be since I hate corndogs as a real food. I like them as a concept and an icon, but eating them grosses me out.). It turns out that Corndogorama is actually a for-real, neat-o sounding musical event spread out over several days at The Earl  in East Atlanta.

So now I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I will even eat an actual corndog if I get into the spirit of the whole thing.



stuart said...

Hey, I'm a reader of yours from atlanta. Corndog-o-rama rocks. You will love it. I'll be there. I'll look for you.


Anonymous said...

Yeah man, corndog festival is the bomb. I am going to something at The Earl tonight. Will you be there?

Mr. Booni said...

I'vebeen to Corndog-o-rama, Katie ... it's a hoot. The Earl is my favorite Atlanta watering hole.


kayla said...

Hey, another shout out from an Atlanta reader! My evenings are more often spent watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and reading If I Ran the Zoo than hanging out at places like the Earl, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Did you have fun?

katie allison granju said...

Yeah, I did have fun. Quite a bit of fun.