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Hey there. Pop on over to the Mothering Magazine special event chat room at 1pm EST today. I'll be answering questions from readers about stuff like making a living freelancing (writing) and the politics of breastfeeding.

Same kind of stuff I talk about when I am invited to speak, but neither you nor I have to leave the comfort of our own desk chairs.


Anonymous said...

it strikes me as very interesting
as to how someone can be considered an "expert" in our culture just by deciding to be one. my eyes were opened on this when I read a bio of a fiction author I rather like and she revealed as to having written a financial self help book. she was not an expert, oh no...she was assigned to write it by a publisher who had assigned said book to her husband who had too much work on his plate. she had also written many magazine articles. this was not stated..but she wasnt an was just her job as a writer to produce so off she went to research. I dont hold it against this woman because she wasnt coming off like some expert. but it really opened my eyes that these articles and books that a lot of people swallow like candy are written by people with no more inside track than I have. they are simply people who want to make a living using thier writing skills and have found an avenue with which to do so. yet in our culture people buy magazines, self help books, parenting books and on and on ad nauseum..expecting these people to know more than they do... meaning reader beware and put on the big filter. personally I think that self helf, parenting, marriage books are a humongous moneymaker that capitalizes on the generalized insecurity of the american

Dewi said...

I get a kick out of all of katies' disgruntled readers on this blog.

Which anonymous poster are you?
It would be more entertaining for me if people spewing vitriol made up a creative identifying name so I can keep track of who is posting.

I realize there are at least two prominent angry “I hate Katie” fans who post. Are you #1 the non-breastfeeding guilt ridden mom who attacks breast feeders and any parent caring for their children attentively and tenderly, you love the milquetoast musician Jimmy Buffet and you think of yourself as a virtuous woman of superior character judgment then Katie. You say katie is shallow because she only goes on dates with men who share personal interests in music, books and has a similar artistic sensibility, with a modicum of taste in footwear, and you insult her daily for not using your personal criteria of a suitable man to date.

Are you #2 the anonymous poster who breastfeed for two years but no one else can nurse after two years because you had deemed it disgusting and unnatural and the hell with research about the differences in cultural and biological needs of children. You like to dismiss all college educated people as pretentious especially ones who live on the East coast, they are all one step below pond scum for caring about education, the arts, literature, music and interested in culture, and not interested in your leisure time pursuits.

So Anonymous (you seem like #2 the anti-higher education and culture) how do you form your lack of knowledge? You don’t read books by anyone but experts, and you have contempt for research or books written by the educated experts with advanced clinical degrees because they might have gone to an Ivy League college like "Harvarrrrrd" as you call it. What is your brilliance and resources in the subject of breastfeeding and parenting? It is unfathomable that you have no idea about investigative reporting or knowledge of how journalists writing books research and consult experts to form their opinions when they write a book.

How do you broaden your knowledge? I am a professional who recommends Katie’s book to parents and she never presents herself as some parenting expert. She is an exceptionally good writer and investigative journalist who knows her subject matter very well. Obviously, you think she pulls her facts and research sources out of her ass along with anyone else who writes a book.

Anonymous said...

man, people are real good at putting words in other peoples mouths. I never said that I look down on people who are highly educated. I said its not all its cracked up to be and theres a lot of intellectual snobs out there. if you knew how much college education I have accumulated over the years.....and honestly I have learned more from life than from much of the "book learning". no I do not read "how to" guides very much because I think a lot of its a big money making racket. I gain knowledge by praying to my God. I am very very selective about the people whose ideas I let into my headspace. besides, if "attachment parenting" is about "knowing it all within yourself' anyway..isnt it rather a contradiction to need to refer to all these other people? anyone with decent writing skills can write a book and claim to be an "expert" of sorts. and many experts with impeccable credentials contradict each other, so someone's wrong. or they get more info later and retract it (the lastest example of that being the big vitamin E mea culpa going on...yet still..while surfing my TV this am I caught some health foodie claiming its all a big conspiracy and doctors dont want you to get well so they say bad stuff about natural remedies, so eat up on the vitamin E...really big eye roll going there...) mostly I read fiction. (probably you wouldnt approve...I'm a big fan of Stephen King, among others). I also never said I adored Jimmy what if I do like him...he's not on my top ten list but I really dislike people who look down on people whose tastes arent "arty" enough for them. and I have been around a lot of that type in multiple environments. it has nothing to do with peoples actual levels of intelligence and more about doing the big eye roll at people who are old enough to be past the whole image thing who clearly arent.
as far as the breastfeeding stuff...why do certain folks always assume that if someone doesnt buy the whole attachment parenting package they are "guilt ridden"???then theres the bit of assuming that someone is neglectful because they are not an attachment parenter. newflash to me: I know a lot of parents that are more neglectful than I realized because they are not attachment parenters. PUL EEZE.....
I repeat..if someone doesnt want to be critiqued they shouldnt make themselves and thier opinions public figures. you dont want online criticism..dont put up a public blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
Did the God you pray to tell you to get on this blog and attack somebody? What kind of God is that?
Did the God you pray to give you knowledge of vitamins and breastfeeding? Wow, give me some of the drugs you're on...

Anonymous said...

so, uh, I guess disagreeing with someone is attacking them?