knoxville gets a skatepark

My skaterboi son, Henry, will be very pleased to hear the news that Knoxville is finally getting a skatepark.


mamalife said...

Where I live the average age is 115 and all these cranky old people are trying to make it ILLEGAL to skateboard on the streets - how CRAZY is that????!!!!

Anonymous said...

what's with the "most popular sports for boys" line?? girls don't skate????

Anonymous said...

crazy? that they do not want to be knocked over by a skater? this isnt the same as a skatepark...if an elderly person is knocked over it can kill them. I dont think they are crazy at all. however, with you AP types anything that is not totally child centric must just be "mean old cranky people who dont like kids". when I lived back east it irked me no end that people would ride bicycles in traffic right along with cars and you were always trying to make sure you didnt hit them. or if you were walking they would zip right along a few inches from you and surprise the daylights out of you. I could appreicate their desire to ride thier bikes everywhere but that did not mean I was totally in favor of sharing roads and sidewalks. i think a skatepark is a great idea.
as for the "most popular sport for boys" the reality is most skateboarders ARE boys...there are some girls. its not big conspiracy...when will people get over the fact taht different things appeal to boys and to girls, even if there are some people who break the mold.

Anonymous said...

I'm VERY glad about the skatepark. The kids need somewhere safe to skate and 'cranky' middle-aged people like me don't have to dodge skateboarders. Just a few days ago, a teenager zipped around me and my two dogs, then wiped out right in front of us. I really did almost trip over him, and he landed in a place where he was just lucky a car wasn't coming around the corner, or he would have been run over.
For those who don't live in the city and deal with this on a regular basis, it can be unnerving to share the sidewalk with *some* skaters who aren't very polite or knowledgeable about the 'rules' of sharing public sidewalks. I make sure my leashed animals don't bother anyone else I have to share space with, and skaters and bikers should do the same.
Of course, bikes are legal on the road, but most people ride on the sidewalk 'cause cars don't know how to share with the bikes. And some bikers don't know the 'rules' either.