Provenance of Fellini Kroger unmasked?

I shop at the Fellini Kroger because I live in Oakwood-Lincoln Park. Actually, I mostly shop at the store-previously-known-as-the-Knoxville-Community-Food-Coop (now known as Three Rivers Market). And like most North Knoxvillians, I've always wondered who started calling this particular Kroger "Fellini."

Well, according to this guy who wrote a letter to Metro Pulse this week, he is the man who coined the term. Just like W. Mark Felt, he can stay silent no longer and has decided to step into the light and own his legacy.


Mr. Booni said...

I love that guy's story. I tend to believe him.

Dr. Neighbor said...

It's not Three Rivers Market, it's the "temporary home of three rivers market," which makes me sad.