more on jimmy buffett

At least five clever, clever people have called me in the last day or two to tell me I should have gone to "Jimmy Buffett Night" at the local farm league baseball team stadium last Saturday.

(Slapping forhead) Gee! I can't BELIEVE I missed that!

Sadly, I was in Atlanta, listening to GOOD music with someone who also DETESTS BUFFETT MUSIC and who never wears pleated pants or pointy shoes.

hee hee


Anonymous said...

So now pleated pants are out? Geez. This is one picky woman. I don't think I have that many pair, but I think I have a few. I guess I'm off the list. Glad I washed often enough not to have worn them.

And, you know, I think that both I and Jack N. think that "Grapefruit, Juicy Fruit" is a pretty OK song. I guess we're just too old.

katie allison granju said...

Yeah, I'm picky. I'll admit it.

I didn't even go on a date for nearly two years after C and I broke up...

I'm sort of teasing about the pleated pants, you know.

But I do like a man in good clothes. And the person with whom I spent last weekend dresses pretty much exactly to my taste.