It's after 11pm and I am still in the newsroom (since 8 am today), working to write and edit the two longish features I have running on the 5pm news tomorrow and the next day. I am tired (imagine little stars all around "tired" to show you how tired I am.)

I am looking fwd to chilling out this weekend at a horse show HERE, and having some friends over, and just sitting on my front porch in the nice summer evening with a glass of wine, watching the kids catch lightning bugs and play kick the can in the yard (very big lately - neighbor kids vs Granju kids and cousins)..... and I want to get at least one chapter of my novel written in the next five days... I've been slacking on that.

Back to the editing booth...


Anonymous said...

How do you do all the stuff you seem to do?

Anonymous said...

she has stated she has a nanny and I would imagine she pays someone to clean her house for her. she also does not cook so one would assume food preparation is not taking up time in which she can play.

katie allison granju said...

My nanny quit, sadly. So I am on the hunt for a new one.

I am a terrible, terrible cook, so you have me there. And I do have someone come clean twice a month (once a week when I'm feeling particularly wealthy).

I try not to get defensive about things people post here, but for some reason, what this anonymous (is it always the same anonymous?) wrote above irked me because I have been running my ass off working this week. I am a single parent of three kids. I have a full time job, a part time job (freelancing), Three dogs, a horse, a house to take care of, etc, etc, etc

My day yesterday:

-Get up
-Pack three lunches for day camp
-Get three kids up
-Feed them breakfast
-Drive twenty miles and drop girlchild off at barn for riding lesson
-Drive four more miles and drop boychildren off at day camp.
-Drive 24 miles back the other direction to job
-Work at job 'til noon.
-On lunchbreak, go to bank, grocery store and vet
-Drop groceries back off at house
-Go back to job
-Work 'til 6pm when evening news goes on
-Drive 20 miles to pick children up at grandparents' where they have been since grandparents picked them up from daycamp and stable
-Informed by boys they want to spend night at grandparents
-Drive with girlchild to pick up load of hand me downs from friend
-Drive girlchild to Aunt Betsy's for sleepover with cousins
-Drive back to work and edit story for news between 9pm and 1:30 am
-Go home and go to bed

Do you get the idea here? I am not a slackass because I have someone help me clean my house and mow my lawn. I am all for the service sector helping me run my life. I would have a full time housekeeper if I could (in fact, that's a goal of mine)

Sam said...


Ignore these losers.

They are jealous because you have a remarkably full, interesting life and they don't.


Dewi said...

That is one bitter jealous anonymous poster. Can you stop anonymous postings?
She/he is here only to bait you.

It’s an endless amount of work to raise children without a partner or fulltime help.
Shit, you need an assistant for work and a full time live-in housekeeper with a driver’s license who’s a great cook.

I had a housekeeper for a couple of years, the best spent money. I worshiped the ground this woman walked because of the care she provided to my family.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you! I am not single, but am married to a man who works 6-7 days a week, sometimes until very late in the evening. He is not at a high paying job and has no benefits so therefore I work full-time also and the caring for the house and three children falls solely on me. It is very exhausting. I don't blame you for taking offense as I would have also. I tend to think that it is the same person whom keeps being so rude. I am all for freedom of speech, but my question ti the person is why keep coming back to read this site if you are going to do nothing but post put-downs and sarcasm? If you disagree with so much, just find another blog to read that you do agree with. What happened to the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, poor Katie! I too will be an anonymous post, although I usually don't post here. O.K. so you are a single parent working more than one job. Enough of the whining, just do what you have to do. Your daily schedule doesn't sound too much different from mine, and I am married. Most of the parents I know are exausted from running all the time. Maybe you could cut down on all those expensive horse shows to save enough money for a housekeeper/nanny/cook? Or maybe you could just do like the rest of us do...never sleep!

Anonymous said...

I guess I sit here and it seems that a)Katie has an enormous amount of time to spend online. b)she mentioned having a nanny way back and I thought, yeah some poor working slug is she...she has a nanny...not too many people have those..most would be leaving a 13 year old, a 9 year old and 6 year old home alone for a few hours after school with a neighbors phone number at hand.(not good for the kids)...hint this is why a lot of people oppose working mothers...another hint...this is why its good to have a husband when you have kids so you can divide the labor instead of seeing the husband as about as disposable as your vibrator. and c)I used to ride around in hunter jumper circles although mercifully I got out of it and I know how much the level of showing for herself and two kids is costing her...actually its probably a gross underestimate because I rode like thirty years ago. she seems like she comes from a very priviledged segment of society, and I doubt her job pays THAT well. how does she "do" it all...I would imagine if she did not come from a priviledged background that she would NOT be doing it all.
I forget where I heard this but I think it rings true: most of the women who made big noises about feminism are a wealthy, intellectual elite: people who would be artists, lawyers, doctors, professors, etc etc. you dont hear too many waitresses or hairdressers or nurses shrieking about "womens rights". what you hear is that if they could afford it, they would like some time off. Katie clearly comes from that elitist platform by her background and where she places herself and she attempts to set the tone and speak for what "smart" women might want. nah, Katie, you dont speak for me. I want to raise my kids, respectfully, strictly WITH my husband that I do not try to pussy whip into my views thereby causing him to slink off to some mistress because he has been emasculated by his wife. I want to have a purpose in life but I dont feel like I have to be out there making big feminist waves. feminism wasnt even an issue until the industrial revolution because prior to that work was about survival and no one was bitching becasue they were cleaning the house and mindng the garden instead of being out there shoeing horses or farming or some equal but different backbreaking work. it was when work started to be about more than survival that women started wanting a piece of what they saw was a better pie. maybe the problem is an abnormal focus on the importance of "stimulating career" as opposed to work as a means to an end, not the end itself. wake up and smell the coffee Katie and look at how real working people, those who would be willing to fight for our country instead of simpering around criticiszing everything they hate that ironically lets them live thier life of luxury. maybe you could find a better way to spend your time that chuckling about what celebrity is wearing what and deciding how other people should parent their kids (a way in which, I might add has emergency rooms around the country very alarmed due to the rise in infant deaths from co sleeping..I could give you links but I cant be bothered)
yeah, I am aware that I am wasting time. I probably would get more out of time wastage on my computer if I just sat here playing tetris. however I time my time wastage...only allow a certain amount per day.

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous...I agree with everything you said! I too have been around the hunter jumper circles and board alone is $500/mo!!! And as far as being an elitist, she certainly seems to have a high opinion of herself doesn't she? Are her children too good to lift a broom or clean a toilet? You would think that 13,9, and 7 (?ages) year old children could help out with housework. I know mine have responsibilities. But, maybe children who are "attachment parented" cannot do chores???

Anonymous said...

attachment parented and born with a silver spoon in their mouths!!!
I quit the hunter jumper stuff because I just could not see paying that kind of money for a hobby. and it was an enormous time sucker too. it appalled me. and like I said this was in the mid seventies. I could not see the amounts that people pay for an animal too. I would imagine that a horse or pony that is winning at the level of competition Katies in costs what...ten thousand, twenty thousand dollars????and the lessons and the fees for the shows themselves and of course a horse like that isnt just living in a pasture with a run in shed, a corrall and some trail access. I also could not stand the elitism more so than in any type of riding. I really wasnt all that into the big show circuit even though I sort of hung around because thats where i learned to ride and then acquired a horse that had been a show horse, lived indoors all her life and had to continue to be stabled because the other horses would attack her whenver I turned her out. these people they would snicker at this one old guy that rode his two arabians with a weird assortment of tack.(not sure why he kept them at that stable..I think he was a friend of the owner or something) and dressage riders are even worse. I have NEVER encountered a more superior acting group of people in my life. they would put down other types of riders for being unnatural when think about it, what could be more unnatural than forcing a horse to jump more than twice their size??? every year during the olympics a few horses die in the three day event because they are pushing them beyond what a horse should be capable of doing. my mothers friend used to get all smug about how horrible people who ride in rodeos are and the people at hte barn I was at would put down the saddlebred riders..etc etc etc. frankly except at the "fun" level...4 H and the like..>I think horse shows are stupid. I love horses and trail riding and someday want to get a gaited horse and just ride...meanwhile I am hoping to find someone who has a horse to excercise in exchange for some labor..either that or take riding lessons..but riding lessons seem to inevitably lead to pressure to if thats the only way to enjoy horses.
several families could live on what no doubt Katie spends on competitions. and I doubt she is making that kind of money going to concerts and interviewing people. she must be independently wealthy. I am sure the royalties from her parenting book wouldnt even cover a month at her elite stable. listening to her smug comments about just about anything under the sun brings back all about how I just couldnt stand being around these people who you would think I would have something in common with due to a common love of horses but like I said, I just couldnt stand the superiority of it all like they are better people because they have picked the "right" branch of horsemanship. where I live there is a woman from back east who is like this and all the local cowboys hate her; she thinks she was put here as gods gift to teach what she sees as these local yokels how to ride. ugh. this was, no doubt a perfect lead in for Katie into the elitism of attachment parenting, feminism, and sarcastic liberal journalism. I mean how many fronts can this woman be offensive on??? let me count the ways....

Anonymous said...

I know the Granju family from the horse show circuit. They are very nice. Her daughter is one great little rider too. I think she's headed for bigger things with the pony she is showing this year. She is a very nice kid, unlike some other spoiled kids who ride at that level.