My friend Coury turned me on to this book, which I ordered last week and got yesterday. It was waiting for me in my mailbox when we came home from the horse show. I pored over it in the bathttub until like, 2 am. It's awesome. I'm going to start buying Flora stuff for the walls.


Anonymous said...

I love Flora. Do you have any Tim Biskup work? I think you would like it.

katie allison granju said...

I do like Tim Biskup. I lost some Biskup stuff, along with vinyl and my bed and some other things I regret, in the great DIVIDING OF THE STUFF. (I did take all the books, tho')

You, whomever you are (why don't people at least give a first name?), might like my friend David Rhoden's illustration. Check out:

When David was my sweetie, back in the day, he used to draw cartoons for me, many of which I still have. He also was the person who dragged me to watch documentaries about cartoon art at the UT Library that got me interested in it. He's really good.

Anonymous said...

I think people do not leave names because a lot of folks do not like the entire web, most of whom are strangers to know them, know their name, be able to trace all sorts of info about their families. it is beyond creepy. it just blows my mind people who put up enough information that any creep that wants to could locate them, their house, thier children, their workplace, in a flash. a lot of people are very very safety minded on the web. I only go by a non anonymous name if I am emailing someone I know in real life. when I was on AOL I carefully disguised my profile to make myself nonidentifiable. I didnt even put my gender down and I only put a vague region of the country. sorry...everyone doesnt feel comfortable hanging it all out on the web for whoever cruises by to see.