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The new Todd Steed record, "Heartbreak and Duct Tape" comes out today. You can pick it up at The Disc Exchange or order it online.

I heard some of the new songs when Todd et al played at Bonnaroo and it's terrific. My favorite song is a sequel to Freebird. And of course, I like any record that references Chapman Highway.

I heard Todd Etheridge interview Todd S. on WKVL this morning and he says the CD release party will be in a few weeks when he returns from a trip to Asia. In the meantime, however, you can hear a free show by Todd Steed and the band today, June 20, at noon on WDVX.

Or you can head downtown and actually enjoy the lunchtime live, free show at the WDVX studio at the corner of Gay and Summitt Hill. That's where I'll be at noon.

ADDENDUM: I did go watch Todd, along with Ed Richardson, Doug Nichols and Bob Deck play at WDVX at lunchtime and it was toe-tappin' good. Nice crowd and the best part was that Ed played a cardboard box rather than actual drums. The box sounded great. I want to learn to play the box.

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Anonymous said...

I love Todd Steed. I can't wait to hear this new CD. I wish I had seen him at Bonnarroo.