Oh my God. I am in absolute shock. I just found out that while I was out of touch at Bonnaroo, someone I respected very much killed herself. Her name is Allison Crews and she was a force to be reckoned with.

I first met her five years ago when she submitted an essay to me when I was an editor with the Oxygen network. It was about how she had decided to keep her baby (she was 16 when she had him) rather than give him up to the adoptive parents to whom she had already promised him. The piece was terrific and I ran it and I've been reading her stuff ever since.

Alli was the driving force behind this site, for young mamas. I wasn't a teenager when I had Henry but I was the youngest mother I knew (23) and I would have loved to have had a community like the one Alli created and nurtured there. is part of and Bee Lavender has written about Alli's death and how you can help her son HERE.

Please consider making a donation to a fund to help take care of him. He's still very small and they didn't have much.

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Marigold said...

hi, just so you know they are calling it an accidental suicide. no details on the cause of death yet. most of us want to believe that if she meant to kill herself, she would have left a note, being a writer and all.

btw, I found you cause I was googling "Alli Crews Grilmom". you don't know me or anything.