bad dog

I don't have a real bed. I have a box spring and a mattress on the floor (although I have had a bed being made for me for months now -- it appears to be on hold...)

But anyway, I don't have a bed. And now, I don't have much of a mattress because my dog, Fiat, went berserk for some reason and demolished it. I am so, so annoyed with him. I cannot imagine why he did this.



Anonymous said...

What kind of dog is he? Why is he named after a terrible car that breaks down all the time? Maybe that is why he attacked your bed.

Anonymous said...

yeah, fiat means "fix it again tony"

other cute car names FORD..."found on road dead"

BMW "bring my wallet"

hee hee

Anonymous said...

"fix or repair daily" thats the other one for Ford...

katie allison granju said...

He is named Fiat because my son Henry named him that after his favorite kind of car. Fiats are Henry's favorite kind of car because his father is something of a Fiat expert. He buys and sells and restores them and knows all about them. It's pretty remarkable what he can do with them. He has a Fiat blog at www.fiataccompli.com

(Get it?)


Tess said...

They usually do that sort of thing when stressed or scared or lonely or bored, as in separation anxiety.