need fence guy

I need to find someone to work on my already-existing fence
to secure it all around on the bottom so my sneaky dogs can't keep
wiggling out.

Can anyone recommend a fence person or even a handyman-type person in the greater-Knox area who might be good for a job like this?

Do not suggest that I attempt to fix this problem myself. I am Not Good at fixing anything. (Too bad I can't hang on to a man who will do this stuff for me. Must be all that feminist garbage I'm always spouting.)

E-mail me directly with names at KatieAllisonGranju@...


Anonymous said...

yeah, Katie, its just a big joke. except for girly men, guys dont like the kind of pussy whipping that you seem to specialize in over here. all these sensitive new age guys who seem to think you are great over here are the kind who turn around and use their (and your) "progressive" politics as a way to justify getting what they want while evading any meaningful commitment. sorry, just an observation I have.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Yes

Anonymous said...

Katie, this is such an easy fix, even I, a history major with no handy-girls skills, could do it. Go to the Tennessee Farmer's co-op (on Willow by the Lay's plant) and get some chicken wire and some hog ring-thingies. The guys there will tell you what to get--they helped me, too. Then you affix to the bottom of the fence and into the ground of your yard. Then throw some dirt over it and plant new grass seeds.
A handyman or handy-girl friend could probably do it too.

contractor said...

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Anonymous said...

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