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OK, a few weeks ago I posted about bad dates and what makes them bad. Someone asked me what would make a good date, and having now had two with someone very fun, I can tell you some elements of a good one.

First of all, both times, the other person was very decisive about what we were going to do. None of this, "Well, what do you want to do...?" I do want to have a say, but for the first few times I go out with someone, I like them to figure it out because it gives me a good idea of what they like to do and hence, who they are.

So the first time we went to see a fun band after a good dinner at a cool restaurant I'd never been to. The second time we went to see free music downtown after dinner at a good restaurant I like a lot but hadn't told him I like a lot. So that was fun.

He is very, very clever. He says funny, clever things I don't always get, which amuses me. I like that. But I get most of his stuff and he gets most of mine (a rarity - my sense of humour can be a bit obscure).

He looks good and smells yummy. No pleated pants. Good hair. Good shoes.

He told me about a book I might like and hadn't read. I am now reading it and yep, it's one I like.

He did not once ask me about my divorce, which is nice. It didn't seem to interest him that much.

He hasn't called me incessantly, which I hate, but has sent me some very entertaining e-mails. He spells well. He didn't wig out when I said I couldn't see him this week.

On our second date, he brought me gerbera daisies - my favorite - but without uncomfortable fanfair.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a keeper

katie allison granju said...

I'm not really interested in a "keeper" at this point. Maybe some day, but not now... This has caused some misunderstandings with nice folks in the past year -- people who thought I was interested in keeping them.

Anonymous said...

So why do you even date if you don't want a keeper?

katie allison granju said...

Is that a serious question? Are you asking why I (or anyone) would want to hang out with other people without getting into some sort of obligated relationship?

mamalife said...

Good for you Katie... just have fun. When the right one comes along at the right time (for these have to BOTH happen!) you will know... or if it never happens ... it is great that you can just go out, have a nice time, and not get all stressed out (after only 2 dates no less!) about what will or will not happen down the road!