We get a lot of viewer e-mail and a lot of phone feedback from viewers in the TV newsroom where I work. Most TV stations do.

Below is an actual e-mail from a viewer sent to one of our sister stations, in Minneapolis:

"You cancel 30 minutes of a good day on the soap opera "Passions" just to tell us a police officer had been shot????????? And let me plans to show it in its ENTIRETY at another time?? Why on earth does (NAME OF STATION) insist on giving us this ridiculous news that no one cares about, and then say "Too bad so sad" to people who actually want to watch NATIONAL programming????

I am outraged by your decision not only to break in because oh my gosh someone was shot... Stop the entertainment world as we know it! BUT Because you have NO plans to make up for it by reairing "Passions."

Start thinking of your VIEWERS rather than one meaningless police officer.



I couldn't make this stuff up.

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Anonymous said...

Lady, you're a cracked pot. The reason they air it on local television is because that police officer probably has family and friends in the area. I mean, moce on! Can't we be a little more supportive of our police force. And if you're upset over a sappy soap opera, you need a life!