jane & cookie

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Jane and her 7 week old dachshund puppy, Cookie Almeida.

Cookie Almeida cannot sleep alone. She needs a warm mammal or she yelps...a lot...all night. Jane likes this about the puppy. She says she is attachment parenting Cookie Almeida.


Fitzhugh Family said...

That is just adorable!

Alien said...

Tell her not to pamper that dog, or else one day she'd have to marry it. Ha! Ha! Ha!

mamalife said...

Oh I love that she is attachment parenting her dog!!!

Anonymous said...

actually a very reliable dog training source told me a long time ago that for some (not all, but some) dogs allowing them to sleep in the bed with a human can lead to very destructive behavior. apparently the smell is so stimulating that when some dogs that are sleeping in your bed are left alone some of them just go nutso and tear everything apart. obviously a lot of people let their dogs sleep on their beds but apparently for some dogs it IS an issue.

Anonymous said...

Is something wrong with the mother dog that such a young pup has been separated from her? Pups shouldn't be taken from their mothers before 8 weeks at the earliest, 10 weeks optimal.
If the pup is that lonely, she does need contact with your daughter, but I would stop the sleeping in the same bed as soon as possible. It can lead to problems later if the dog thinks it can get in the bed whenever it wants. Especially if a child is going to be the 'primary caregiver' she must, as soon as possible, establish that she is the 'alpha female' and the dog is lesser than she. Sounds harsh, but dogs actually thrive better when they know their human is in charge at all times. My favorite dog training book is "Mother Knows Best" by Carol Benjamin btw. Have fun with the pup!