tell me why i do like thursdays

This is a great record to listen to on a sunny, super Thursday like today. So I am. You might like it too, if you like ska and pop and fun. But then again, who doesn't?


Anonymous said...

Since you haven't heard of The Darkness and therefore are officially an uncool geezer, you probably haven't heard this, either ;)

(speaking of great albums to listen to with the windows down...)

Oh, and if you haven't downloaded the Hurra Torpedo video from my comment the other day -- again, it's really really really worth it.

Steve K.

katie allison granju said...


If I am an uncool geezer, you are at least, a geezer ;-)

(altho' I know you and Chris are 18 months younger than moi)

Did you know Drive By Truckers are playing a free show on Market Square on May 26?


PS: Is the Hura Torpedo video something I should not open and watch at work?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw that they were playing, ya bastard. Rub it in. Among the many things that suck about DC, there's no free outdoor concerts.

Mostly I wish Zan could get to see them -- he's pretty much the world biggest fan. A couple of years ago, when I told him that I was going out to a DBT concert , his eyes got all big and bugged out, and he said something like "No way. Whoooa. No way." This was when he was three.

Is the Hura Torpedo video something I should not open and watch at work?

There's minor (but definitely not gratuitious) exposure of butt cracks. And a lot of destruction of kitchen appliances. And deep, soulful singing by a Scandinavian with a big beard and a track suit. If any of those things are not work safe, then no, don't play it. Otherwise, you should be ok.

Steve K.