busy weekend

I am throwing a party tomorrow night. It will be my first big one since I bought my house last summer (I've had some smallish dinner parties and a debate watching party).

Since I love having parties, this will make the house feel really "christened" to me, and to my children, who inherited the party-throwing gene from me and my mother and grandmother.

It looks like at last 60 people are coming, so it should be fun. Tomorrow I need to get keg, food, bug-repelling torches for the yard, etc.... I am hoping it doesn't rain. I am also hoping that all my neighbors, whom I've invited, like parties as much as I do, or at least that they aren't the "Call the police! Katie Granju's guests are drinking wine in her yard!" kind of neighbors.

My nine year old daughter, Jane is also picking up her new puppy this weekend. He's a dachshund she's christened "Cookie" (I was voting for "Pedro" - in homage to Napoleon Dynamite). Cookie was born to my friend Eugenia's dachshund seven weeks ago and Jane has been visiting the puppies regularly, eagerly awaiting the day her puppy could come home with her. Sunday's the day.

I can't say we really need a third dog. We already have Fiat, a slightly insane Jack Russell mix, belonging to my son Henry, and Mabel, a ridiculous-looking pug-dachshund mix chosen and much loved by my son Elliot. So Jane wanted a dog to be "hers" and I'm a pushover. And really, I don't know if you have ever seen a litter of dachshund puppies, but it's pretty hard to say no them. They are so cute that they don't even look real.


mamalife said...

Have a great party... sounds like fun!!!

Pat Thrane said...

you remind me of me....same divorce from hell..
and I also have three dogs.. (plus two cats..a lizard..bunnies...) when my kids are visiting their dad it is good company for me...have fun tonight..